And the proof goes on!

Well, this proof reading thing really took longer than I’d thought – but if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

I completed the final amendments about 1am Friday night/Saturday morning, and now need to wait for them to be processed and a 2nd proof produced,and then – well, “and then” we will do the next right thing that needs to be done!

So this morning I was kind of at a loss – still buzzing with creative juices, but nowhere to channel them, so I started to scope out a new project:)

At the moment, I don’t have a title for it, but it’s going to be a book about my experiences traveling in the USA – not a guide-book by any means, but a very partial view of the wonderful people I’ve met, and fantastic places I’ve been to over the years. I have some of this written in scrap books and blogs, so some I might be able to edit and paste in, but I know a lot I’ll need to write from scratch. Hopefully, the discipline I learned in writing my first book will hold me in good stead here.

So anyway – thanks to all who have encouraged me – and especially to those who have said they are going to buy “Cast a Long Shadow” – watch this space for updates as to publication dates!


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