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Well, quicker than they promised, Cast A Long Shadow is now available on Amazon, as well as still being available direct from the publisher.

Here is an extract from the meditation regarding “Work”:

Here we come closest to a meaningful definition. When we work on a problem, we spend time looking for solutions and resolving issues. If we do this in an office for money, on a farm to grow the best crops we can, or in our private life to increase the affection we share with a loved one, we are doing an activity in the hope of obtaining an outcome.

In that sense, we never stop working – we are always doing some activity that we hope will lead to an outcome that we want.

And it is here that the problems can lie, when we take more notice of one side of the equation or the other.

When we work so hard that we are exhausted or alienated from others, we forget the real reason for the work. And when we just concentrate on the outcome – say for example the wage at the end of the week – we lose all the joy that can be found in the labor.

Work can be taken too seriously, when it takes over all our waking moments. Or not seriously enough, so that we just get by, rather than excelling.

To look after ourselves, to meditate and learn more about our inner being – this is work, it is an activity that we undertake. But the outcome – a happier journey through this process called life – makes the work a joy to complete.


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