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Well, in my life I’ve made the same mistakes that other people have made – only I did them in my way. I’ve found joy in the same sort of things that others do – but I found my own joy in them, and did not experience other people’s feelings.

To a casual observer, my life and relationships will look the same as countless other people who share my gender and general physical make up. But that is only superficially true, because all of the assumptions you have about my life are based on your experience of your life.

An example of this is the medium I’m using here – the written word. If you are reading this, you and I share the same basic language; we can both read and write English. But we bring our own personalities to the written word – I write this in one way, and you would write the same thing in different words.

You are reading an extract from Cast A Long Shadow, available direct from the publisher, and also on Amazon.com, and from  Amazon in the UK, ItalySpain, France and Germany.


About Derek Knight

Transplanted Brit, now in the US Mid West | Writer, blogger & author | passionate about life | Traveler and home body | amazon.com/author/derekknight | http://derekknight007.wordpress.com/ | https://twitter.com/DerekKnight1 | https://www.facebook.com/Derek.Knight.Author
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