Newly Minted

My new book – Cast a Long Shadow II – has just been published.

By the miracle of technology, it’s not only here in the US, but also published in Europe as well – how cool is that!!

The original cast a long shadow – which started life as one of my blogs, came out last year, and this new edition carries on with another 90 daily readings of reflection and – I hope – inspiration.

Here is a quote from a review that the first book received on Amazon:

I bought this book a couple of months ago; I believe the thoughts in this book about Willingness are worth the cost of the book…but one sentence under the area of Wisdom is worth more than the books weight in gold.

Here are the ways to get your own copy:

Direct from my e-store

In England, Scotland and Wales from Amazon in the UK

In the rest of Europe, from either Amazon France or Amazon Germany
 The original “Cast A Long Shadow” is still available from my e-store, on AmazonAmazon UKFrance or Germany, and as an e-book

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