Being Tony Chapter 4 Part 1

Life begins again…

Fast Food


Lynn News: Things to do and see in the area

“Grab your food on the go!

A new place to get your fast food on the go will soon be on available in the area from the licensee of the Harbor Inn. “It’s still in the planning stages,” Graham told our reporter, “But expect to see our new Food Truck parked near the Queen Elizabeth Roundabout pretty soon!”

We are certainly looking forward to this new addition to the local culinary fair!”


I slept in the cottage that night, then went to see Graham. He was angry, but not so much at my actions, more that he’d had to deal with an irate Ruby. I apologized for that and said I’d be more careful next time. Then I held my breath; he could have got angrier and thrown me out, but I was banking on him remembering his own misspent youth.

It turned out I was right to do so. He laughed, slapped me on the back and told me just to make sure I did it on my own time in future. I said if he gave me another chance, I’d work on the improvements 7 days a week until they were done. He seemed happy enough with that, and we shook on it.

I slept in my car for a few days and then found a room to rent above High Street News in Lynn. It was basic, one room which was both a bedroom and living space, but it had a bed and a shower, and I didn’t need much else. The owner of High Street News, Dorothy, kept the store open all the hours that she could. Dorothy must have been in her 80’s, but she kept on opening the store day after day. She took me under her wing I guess, and she tried to “mother” me. Much as I didn’t want her to, I soon found myself stopping in to visit, and always said yes to the invitation to stop for tea and cake.

The cottage was soon finished to Graham’s satisfaction, and he told me he’d already had some booking throughout the summer months. He walked around with me and told me I’d done a good job, and asked if I thought I’d stay in the handyman line of work. Although I’d enjoyed it well enough, I told him it didn’t really grab my enthusiasm, especially working alone. Graham commented, “Well, it seems you found something to stop you from being lonely” and started to laugh at his own “joke.” I just smiled, it was OK to be the butt if the joke, but maybe it was because he was just jealous.

Maggie’s place remained empty into the summer, and although I didn’t go there much after the work was done, I’d sometimes drive that way just to check out the place, and make sure all was well.



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