Being Tony, Chapter 6, Part 4

Life takes on a routine.


Judy was released from the hospital after 2 days and went to stay with her Mum until she was more fully recovered. When we felt that she could be left at home alone overnight, she moved back to our flat, and we started trying to rebuild our lives.

The doctors had said that if Judy became pregnant again she would be at greater risk of losing that child too and they expressed caution. We hardly spoke about it after the initial shock had worn off and were “more careful” about our love making.


I made a good salary on the night shift, and when the production demands grew, I would often do an additional few hours, which added to our cash-flow. Judy decided not to work at the factory and started looking for bar work again, eventually settling into working at the Waterside Inn in Hunstanton. They were accommodating there, and most of the time let her work the evenings when I was on night shift, so our schedules coincided most of the time.

After a time, we decided that we’d like to move, and started looking for a flat that we could buy. Some of the old warehouses from the time when Lynn was a much busier port had been converted into apartments, and we saw a cute one, with a river view. We put in an offer, got a mortgage, and moved into the first home of our own.

We got into an easy routine of working hard and then spending our off time having fun in and around town. Judy was good at managing our finances and made sure that we had enough to cover the mortgage, car payments, and essentials, but she, like me, was more than happy to spend anything else on entertainment.

We liked to drive along the coast and get to know the tiny villages along the way. Each of them had, at least, one pub, and we would stop at them and dream of owning our own bar someday. Much of our free time we spent having fun with our friends, which inevitably started or ended in a bar somewhere. We were both great at talking with strangers, and together we became known around town: if you wanted a good time, just hook up with Tony and Judy!

The night shifts were getting to me, however. I would get home at about 7.30am, so tired it was hard to even talk. I’d crawl into bed with Judy, and try to sleep, but somehow I couldn’t keep my eyes shut. I would eventually fall asleep after a couple of hours but then wake at midday. I’d stay awake until 5 or so when overcome with sleep, I’d nap until it was time for me to leave for work at 6.30pm. I might be fun on my days off, but on my working days, I was a walking zombie. Judy helped all she could, but it was a strain on her too.

Eventually, I found that one thing helped me to sleep when I got in from work. I would get home, and have a glass of whiskey. This relaxed me enough to sleep for a few hours before getting up in the mid afternoon. Soon it became more than one glass, but although I was concerned at my consumption, I reasoned that it was better than not sleeping at all.



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