Being Tony: Chapter 7, Part 7

More New Beginnings



Every so often Angel would be staying at the pub the same night I was, and when the girls were busy behind the bar, we exchanged stories. She worked as a sales rep for a mattress firm and was on the road most of the week, but considered this to be her home. One morning at breakfast, Angel asked me if I was still looking for a job. When I said yes, she told me that Brightstone Beds, one of the bed stores she sold to, where expanding. They were looking for a someone to manage opening new stores in the south of the country.

“But I don’t know anything about beds!” I said.

“Well, you and Mary seem to know how to use one!” she smiled. “But seriously, anyone can learn the facts, just like I had to when I started this job. The point is, from what I’ve heard you can get things organized and make plans happen. Plus I’ve seen you at the bar talking to everyone that comes in, and making them feel at home. I think you’d be good at it. Plus you’d have a lot of fun being on the road.”

She gave me the phone number of her contact at Brightstone Beds, and we talked a bit more about what might be involved. Mary was encouraging so after breakfast I called the number, and soon had an appointment to go for an interview.

For the next few days, I visited all the bed stores I could find in the area, and went to the library to read up on different types of mattresses. I was actually excited at the prospect of having a real job again, and one that would involve me driving around the countryside.

When the day of the appointment came, I was feeling good about myself and decided to just enjoy the meeting, whatever came out of it. I had a great time chatting with the personnel manager, and then we went on to talk with the head of new development, Greg Hodgeman. I got on great with Greg, and it didn’t surprise me when, a few days later, I got a letter offering me the job.

I drove straight over to see Mary and showed her the letter, and she was excited that I’d been offered the job. “Look at the salary,” she said “and expenses on top of that! I’m so proud of you Tony!” She squeezed me tight.

“Let’s go celebrate,” I said. “Oh Tony I’d love to, but I’m working here and..” I cut her short “Dani!” I shouted back behind the bar “I want to take Mary away to celebrate my new job – is that OK with you?” “Sure” Dani called back “Just be sure to bring her back in one piece!”

We spent the rest of the day exploring the coastline and found a deserted beach with sand dunes where we could take off all our clothes and feel the sun on all of our bodies. We made love on a blanket in the dunes, then ran screaming like kids into the cold water. We eventually spotted someone walking towards us, so ran back to the dunes, trying to get dry enough to put our clothes back on. We stopped for dinner and got back to the Walpole after closing time, and Mary let us in, trying to be as quiet as possible. Rather than go to her room, I lead her to the guest room where we had first got to know each other months before.

“You pretend to be a hard man, but underneath you’re just a big softy” She smiled at me as we shut the door.

“Well, some of me may be soft, but not all of me.” Mary giggled and slipped out of her dress as she pulled off my belt. “Stop talking and show me,” she said.


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