Being Tony, Chapter 9, Part 1

Moving on…




Lynn News: Property Section

“For sale, lovingly renovated cottage on the sought after Sandringham Estate.

Lynn Estates are proud to offer for sale this tastefully restored workman’s cottage, offering four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a separate garage and large barn which have converted into a workshop. It also boasts an extensive garden with waterfall and beautiful plantings leading to a mature orchard.

For more details, and an appointment to view this spectacular property, call …”


The climb back down Arthur’s Set in the dark took some concentration, and it gave me the opportunity to think things through. Moving from our house had never been on my radar, much less this radical move to what felt to me like a foreign country. But I could see that to leave Edinburgh would break Ruby’s heart, and really, I told myself, I had no ties in Lynn anymore. My brother had moved to London years ago, Mother and Dad were both passed, and although I had a lot of friends there, I knew that I could make new ones here too.

That night Ruby and I talked about all the possibilities. The apartment was rented on a month by month basis, and we could continue to use that as a base for a while. With the improvements we’d made to the house in Norfolk, we were confident it could be sold pretty quickly. I still owned the flat in Lynn, and we both agreed that we could continue to rent this out to students, as the rent covered the cost of the mortgage. As for work, Ruby was aware of a couple of vacancies that would be coming up soon at the University library which would keep her in the loop with the academic staff. For me, well there were lots of opportunities in the city, office jobs, shops and retail, and a lot of bars if I ever wanted to go back into that line of work.

We spent the next few days talking about options, and I became more and more convinced that this was meant to be, that moving to Edinburgh was the right thing. My vacation time was up, and I headed back home alone, leaving Ruby to look at possible places to live and check out the job situation. Back in Lynn, I told Brightstones that I was not coming back to work for them, tidied up my desk and did a round of goodbyes. I phoned Mary and asked if we could meet as I had something to discuss.

I told her of our plans, and for once Mary seemed to be short of words to say. Even as I was talking, I realized how crazy it all sounded, and somehow all my new-found enthusiasm dissipated. When I finished, there was an awkward silence for a time, and then Mary said “I hope you will be very happy. I will miss you, Tony, you were a bright spark in my life and” she paused again and then said, “well, yes, I’ll miss you.”

I felt the emotions welling up inside me. I would miss Mary, that much was true, but I suddenly realized that this was not all. I would miss Lynn, Norfolk, the people and their accents. I would miss just being here in this place I’d always called home. I was on the edge of tears as I said goodbye to Mary, and then I drove to the coast and just sat, looking at the sea roll in. I sat there as the sun set and the sky got dark, and still I had no inclination to move.

It was a cloudless night, still and dark. After a while, I started up the engine and set off. Without any clear thought process, I drove into the dark country lanes along the cliffs and picked up speed. Soon I was driving as fast as I was able to, engine roaring and tires smoking as I took the turns. I have no idea of how long I carried on like that, but at some point calmness descended again, and I slowed to normal speed, before heading back towards Lynn. I had made the decision to move to Edinburgh, and I was going to do so.


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