Being Tony, Chapter 9, Part 6



The owner of Fingers had already opened “Fingers Two” in the Cowgate area of the old town, but now he was looking to expand the name to Glasgow. He had the property and the bar staff, and one day he came round just after we had opened to talk about the possibility of me working at this new place for 3 months until it was fully off the ground. I didn’t see how I could commute to Glasgow every day, and told him so, and then he made me an offer that sounded great. If I would manage the bar Friday to Sunday nights, I could have the rest of the week off, he’d pay for me to stay in a hotel every weekend and give me a 10% bonus while I did it. I told him I needed time to think it over, but it did sound like a good deal.

When I discussed it with Ruby she was a bit disturbed at first, but could see that it would have its advantages. She could come and stay in the hotel with me at the weekends unless she had a meeting or rally to go to, and the rest of the week I’d be at home, and we could go out as a couple more. In the end, we decided that it would be worth trying, and if it didn’t work out, well, it was only for 3 months.

So it was that our routine changed, and I left home late morning on Fridays and arrived back sometime on Monday afternoon. The Glasgow bar was slower to take off than the Edinburgh one had been, but we were never in danger of having to close, and after 3 months “Fingers 4 Glasgow” was a roaring success. At first, Ruby accompanied me most of the time, but after a while the attraction of hotel life paled for her, and she took to staying home more. In any case, there were often meetings that Ruby could attend on the weekends, and we had more to talk about when we were both at home.


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