Being Tony, Chapter 11, Part 1

11 Making a comeback


Lynn News:

Brightside Beds, the local firm that has made it big throughout the country, has just announced that it will be moving into new and larger premises in the newly developed Hardwick Retail Park.

“We are proud of our roots here in Lynn,” Chairman of the Board Greg Hodgeman said, “and we’re very excited at the prospect of being able to serve our customers even better from the new store, with its easy access and free parking right outside the door.”

The move will also mean that 3 part-time jobs will be created, along with the addition of a new full-time salesman.”


I was back in Lynn, and back in the flat overlooking the river. Although it was sad, and I felt a lot of regrets, being here also felt like coming home. I admit to being listless during those first few days. Mostly I just sat and looked out at the river passing by and thought of all good times I had enjoyed, and how it now seemed to be over. Even though I’d come back with the thought of meeting people again, the idea od going to the pub and talking with people filled me with fear.

After about a week of almost complete solitude, I decided to take off around Norfolk and see where I ended up. I packed an overnight bag and started poking around the villages and beaches along the coast. My spirits rose by the hour, and by late afternoon I found myself close to the City of Norwich, and I decided to get a hotel room and treat myself to a good dinner somewhere.

I found a place right in the center of the city, showered and went down to the hotel bar before deciding where to eat. It wasn’t long before I was in conversation with an attractive young woman called Samantha, who was town doing research for her doctorate. I asked what is was about, and she said, “Oh, I’m looking at socially-conditioned semantic variations, but it’s a very specialist field so I wouldn’t expect anyone else to be interested in it.”

I remembered the times that Ruby had tried to explain that very topic to me, and some of the buzzwords and names came into my head. I asked her what she thought of Basil Bernstein’s view that if you teach children more complicated grammar they become smarter adults, and she looked at me wide-eyed in amazement. I laughed and told her about Ruby’s field of study, and for some reason, I started referring to her as “my ex-wife.”


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