Being Tony, Chapter 11, Part 2

I’d had a few drinks by then, so I said, “This has been great, but I need to eat. Say, how would you like to join me for dinner, and we can talk semantics some more?” She agreed, and soon we were in the Jag heading to an expensive restaurant that the doorman had recommended. Samantha was probably half my age, but I’ve found that I can get along with almost anyone. She was impressed with the car, and how I opened the door for her, and we had a great time at the restaurant.

When we got back to the hotel, it seemed natural to take her arm, and she happily agreed when I suggested we go to my room for a nightcap. When she blew me a kiss from the door as she left the next morning I had to smile to myself; I might be pushing 50, but I still had it.


That night was a kind of turning point for me. Somehow that evening started the process that led me to know that Ruby and I had both changed over the years, and we wanted different things. We had been good together, but now she had her life, and I didn’t fit into it. I felt like it was about time I started to live my own life again.

Ruby and I had not talked about when or if I would be going back to Edinburgh, nor had we spoken about the possibility of her moving back to Lynn. We still talked on the phone from time to time, but it became less frequent, and slowly I came to terms with the fact that Ruby and I were not a couple anymore. I’d always loved her, and thought deep inside I always would, but we just didn’t fit together anymore. She used to say that I gave her the courage to do the things she’d been frightened of before. It seemed that one of these was to live a life independent of me, and although I was saddened by that fact, it was the truth nonetheless.


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