Being Tony, Chapter 11, Part 3

Back home after my adventure at the hotel, I began to go out in the evenings and reacquainted myself with the people of the town. I also made a list of all the contacts I could think of that might have an opening for me and started to call on them. They were all friendly, but few had any offers of jobs for me. Then I heard that Brightstone Beds were finally closing their original store in the center of Lynn, and moving to bigger premises in the newly opened Hardwick retail park.

I still had some contacts in the company, and I soon found out they had a vacancy for a salesman. It might have been a few years since I’d worked for the bed store, but I was sure I still had what it took, so I approached the store manager, and soon found myself employed once again.


Among the people I’d tried to reconnect with when I came back were Mary and Pete. I’d called on them soon after arriving but got the impression that they didn’t want to talk. They weren’t exactly unfriendly, just that it seemed hard to connect with them, and my suggestion that we go out for a meal together was met with polite, but vague, agreement, and no date was ever set.

So I was surprised one day to get a call from Mary, who asked if we could meet one lunch time, and she named a pub that, at first, I had a hard time placing. It was somewhere that was really out of the way, and I don’t think I’d been there more than once in my whole life. I agreed, and we set a date for my next mid-week day off.

I arrived to find Mary pacing outside her car. Before I could even say hello, she told me that she didn’t want to go into the pub, and could I just drive her somewhere to talk. Of course, I agreed, and we were soon cruising the country lanes.

“Oh God, Tony, I’m so glad you’re here to talk to, I think I’m going crazy!” were her opening words as we drove. Alternating between tears and ranting, she told me her story. She said that Pete seemed disinterested in her, and spent all his energy on the farm. There didn’t appear to be any one thing, in particular, that was the problem, just an accumulation of small stuff that had gotten on top of her. A lot of her upset was that he didn’t talk to her, but then it appeared that when he did, it was always the wrong thing. After my life experiences I didn’t consider myself to be anything of a marriage counselor, so, for the most part, I just listened.

After a time we got to the coast, and I parked in the sand dunes in a remote area. Mary talked, and I listened and nodded. We were sitting close together in the front seats, and it seemed natural for me to want to put my arm around her to comfort her, but this was awkward in the front of the car, so we moved to the back seat where we could be more comfortable. Soon we were kissing, and both of our passions were aroused. It wasn’t long before our clothes were abandoned, and we made love right there in the car like a couple of teenagers.


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