Being Tony, Chapter 11, Part 4

Later we were relaxing in each other’s arms, and she turned to me with the largest smile I’d seen in a long time. “You are such a bad bad boy, taking advantage of an innocent girl like that.”

“I’m not sure that’s quite how I remember it” I started to reply, but she stopped my words with a long, hard, passionate kiss.

“I can’t tell you how great it is to be appreciated again, to be made to feel whole. Not like old Expresso Pete.” She giggled. “I just thought of that expression, very apt.” She then went on to tell me in explicit detail about their sex life, which seemed to leave her frustrated and unfulfilled.

The drive back to her car was a very different experience than the trip to the coast, with lots of laughing and joking, and Mary telling me all the positive points about Pete and their life together. She blew me a kiss as we parted, and I left feeling totally confused.

My confusion turned to concern a few days later when I got a call from Pete, who said he wanted to talk about something and suggested we meet in the Anchor for a drink. He was all smiles when we met, however, and it turned out he wanted to thank me. “Mary told me about you meeting by chance the other day, and how you had talked about you and Betty,” he said. That wasn’t exactly how it had happened, but I let it pass. “Whatever you said it had an amazing effect on her, and we are getting along great right now.” He paused, and then went on in a subdued voice. “This is embarrassing to talk about, but our love life had been – well, almost non-existent to be honest. Anyway, after your talk we’ve been at it like newlyweds again. I mean, I’m exhausted, and she seems insatiable, not that I’m complaining, of course.” I let him buy me another drink, and soon we were talking about less fraught subjects.

I wasn’t working the next day, so I phoned Mary. She said she had been just about to call me and wanted to know how it had gone with Pete the night before. “Oh it was great,” I said. “He told me you were hot in bed and couldn’t get enough of him.” “He did not say that” she replied, “did he?”

We agreed to meet again, and this time, to go over to see her sister at the Walpole Arms. It had been a few years since I’d last met Dani, and she greeted me like a long-lost brother. The three of us sat in a booth in the bar and talked about old times until Dani had to go and check on the busy restaurant.

“This place looks like it’s gone up-market from the first time I walked in the doors.” I said as Dani left. “and talking about changes, what’s up with you and Pete?”

“Oh, well, you know it’s the classic “I really shouldn’t have done that with my best friend but wow it was fantastic, and now I feel like I have to make it up to my husband” sex thing.”

I laughed. “How long did it take you to come up with that line?” I asked. “Only about 3 days” She smirked in reply. “Seriously, I do think of you as one of my best friends, and I missed you so much. I believe we should console each other more often now you’re back home.”

Before I could reply, Dani returned and asked what we had been laughing at. “Oh,” Mary replied, “I was just telling Tony about this cow that Pete was having trouble with, but she’s all better now.”



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