Being Tony, Chapter 11, Part 6

So we continued in this way, with me having my job and life in Lynn, and Ruby her studies and life in Edinburgh. We would visit and stay with each other, at first often, but as time went on it became just the occasional trip for either of us. Neither of us was actually using the house in Portobello, so we put it on the market, and bought a top floor, 2-bed apartment on Lady Lawson Street near to Grassmarket, which just about had a view of the castle. What it didn’t have was a dedicated parking space, so Ruby reluctantly gave up her car. It wasn’t too inconvenient for her really, as most of the places she went to were within walking distance or a short bus or train ride away. We even turned one of the bedrooms into a study for Ruby, complete with floor to ceiling bookcase and comfy leather chair.

So it was that 4 years later Ruby was once again wearing a graduation robe as she accepted her doctorate as a Word and Sacrament minister in the Church of Scotland. She had been working in an outreach ministry at the Kirk for some time, and now was hoping to get a full-time position with the Gaelic ministry team there.

I suggested that we take a vacation after her graduation, perhaps going back to South Africa again, as we had so enjoyed that in the past. Ruby was reluctant at first to leave the outreach team, but did eventually agree that maybe a vacation was a good thing, and I made all the arrangements for a month ahead, then went back to Lynn. I would work up until 3 days before we were due to leave, then drive up to Edinburgh, pick up Ruby and we’d get a flight together to Johannesburg.


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