Being Tony, Chapter 11, Part 7


It was the day before I was due to leave and I was busy in the stock room going over projections with David when Peggy came in and said that there was someone to see me and that they had shown them into the office for me. I was puzzled, Peggy could surely take care of any customer, and no one from Head Office was due to be calling, so who was the visitor, and why put them in the office?

Peggy didn’t answer, just said she thought I should go straight there. More perplexed than anything, I went up to the office, and was astounded to see Ruby standing awkwardly by the desk.

“Ruby! What are you doing here?” I said, going forward to give her a hug. But she held up her hand and stopped me in my tracks. “Tony” she said, “I have something to say to you, maybe you should sit down.” I am sure the color drained from my face, but I sat as directed, and Ruby started to talk.

“Tony, I’ll come straight to the point. I can’t come on vacation with you, in fact, I think it best if we get a divorce.”

I was in shock, I literally couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I tried to ask a question, but the words stuck in my throat, and all that came out was a stammering “why…”

“Oh Tony, it’s not working out between us anymore, is it? You have your life here, and I have my ministry. I know we committed to a life together, but we had both been married before, so in some eyes, our marriage was void in any case.”

“I suppose this is the idea of those Elders of yours?” I managed to spit out the words through my rising anger.

“No, these are my thoughts and my listening to the Word of God.” She remained calm and didn’t react to my bitter words.

I tried to talk sense into her, but whatever I said was met with a quiet denial and the constant refrain that it was the will of God. “Well, all I have to say is that God of yours has a lot to answer for.” I eventually said, through gritted teeth. Ruby wasn’t upset, even by that. “He died for you, and He forgives you, Tony.” She said, and even smiled as she said it.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly, something that had been shot at me came to mind. “Go Ruby,” I said, “Just go.”

That did seem to sting her momentarily, but she didn’t reply, just picked up her purse, and walked to the door. “I’m sorry it ended like this Tony, really I am. But I know in time you will see it was for the best.” With that, she walked out of my office, and out of my life.


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