“Being Tony” – where we are now

I had a lot of trouble with how the ending worked in this story, and it was because I was trying to work to a fixed point. You see, I had come up with the ending a long time ago, in fact, it was the ending that made the beginning possible!

But as I neared that final chapter, the story that Tony had revealed to me as we sat at this keyboard had changed. Slowly, inch by inch, it was moving away from that “wonderful” ending I had come up with. I have found that before, that something I really LIKE is fine, but it doesn’t fit where I expected it to. I couldn’t get from HERE to THERE.

So there was only one solution – rip up the ending I had planned on, and carry on letting Tony tell me where his story went. It was a release to do so, even though it meant quite a lot of re-writes! Along the way, I also changed the story structure, and I still need to go back and do some story editing, before I can go on to the exciting tasks of proofing and copy editing, but I’m excited by the progress so far!!

I’ve not put anything out here recently because of this issue, but I’m now ready to carry on where I left off, and the next installment will be published shortly!

Thanks for reading along!


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