Cabin 22 – new work in the making

A couple of months ago we had a really nice mini-vacation in a real log cabin in the woods in rural Illinois. In the cabin, they had a journal, which several visitors had written in over the past couple of years, and it was interesting to read all the various stories. A lot of them were simple “we had a lovely time in the woods” type of comments, but there were also some heart-warming ones, and you could tell from the handwriting that all ages had written in it.

This got me thinking about all the people that had stayed there and all the adventures that would have been pivoted in that simple journal entry. What leads up to them coming to the cabin, and would their future path be affected by this time in the woods?

This train of thought brings me to where I am now, starting a new novel, or rather, a series of stories all rooted in a single location, cabin 22 in the fictional “Silver Oaks Woods” in Norfolk, UK. So far, the stories that have told themselves in my head are funny, inspirational and romantic, but we will have to see what future guests record in the journal! For now, here is the opening.


Welcome to Silver Oaks Cabins


Romantic & Weekend Getaways


At Silver Oaks, our traditional, yet modern accommodation take you back to the good old days with 32 one-room log cabins all with gas fireplaces. Set among towering oaks, the cabins have beautiful hardwood floors and authentic rustic furnishings. There are 20 detached cabins with open-beamed ceilings. Another 12 cabins are built in groups of three under one roof. Each cabin offers a private entrance and bath, but there are interconnecting doors which make them ideal for large families. Pillows, blankets, and towels are provided. Modern conveniences include heat, air conditioning, phones, mini refrigerators, TVs and DVD Players. You may be relaxing in cabins in the forest, but you’ll be as comfortable as you are at home.

Conveniently located just over 100 miles north of London, we are surrounded by wonderful woodland, with many trails and hidden gems to explore. We are also just one mile from the fabulous North Norfolk coastline offering countless opportunities for water-based activates, or just to sit in the sand dunes and enjoy the scenery.

An old tradition, going back to our founders in 1938, is that each cabin has a journal. Please feel free to record your thoughts about your stay, and to read what others have shared with the community. Completed journals are preserved in our office library, going all the way back to the beginning, so do come along and browse through them!

Silver Oaks Cabins are open 365 days a year, so are perfect for a spring break, a summer vacation, an autumn getaway, or to beat the winter blues.



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