A moment of consciousness

Feeling connected can happen anywhere, if we are in the right state of mind, and are willing to accept it.

Most workday mornings around 7am will find me dropping my wife off at the office compound in which she works. There are 6 or 7 long low rise office buildings in the complex, and one would hardly call them architecturally outstanding. They are surrounded by parking lots, with some trees around the borders, at this time of year leafless and lifeless, and a few areas of grass, which right now are gray and uninteresting. The office workers start arriving around 6am, so by 7 the parking areas are getting to be well used, and there are always cars driving and people walking.

This morning the sun rose as we were driving into work, and it was quite light by the time we stopped, and I wished my wife a good day, and we shared a goodbye kiss. Then I turned the car around and went to head out of the compound.

I turned a corner and headed west towards the exit, and at that moment the sun appeared over the buildings behind me. My view was the normal uninspiring one of the concrete parking lot and an office block in the distance, but the sun’s rays turned it into a moment of wonder. The building was transformed from a utilitarian construction into a shining wall of red and gold, with the occasional glint of silver from the reflected light. The dead trees were held bright and motionless, their shadows long and striking, as they fled the coming of the sun. A few clumps of ornamental grass that I had hardly noticed before were stunning with each blade shining a rich golden glow.

For an instant, I thought of stopping to take a picture to post on social media, but then I knew that all the image would show would be just pixels of light, what I was experiencing was more significant than that. Because at that moment I was connected to the Greater. I was transported from a routine morning activity to a moment of connection. Rather than an ordinary working day, I was suddenly aware of Now.

We are reminded that now is all we have, but in that instant, now was enough. It was only a few seconds before I came to the stop sign and had to bring my full consciousness back to the road and to the business of the day. But that instant of connection reminds me throughout the day that there is always something more.



About Derek Knight

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