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Not too long ago we all went by word of mouth when it came to judging if a company was going to be any good or not. In a sense we still do, but nowadays the internet is the word … Continue reading

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I have a character, Leo, who interacts with a lot of the other characters in my Work In Progress “White Oaks”, but, so far, we really don’t know much about him. *I* didn’t know much about him, just that he was one of the … Continue reading

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White Oaks: Jackie

The last chapter saw Jackie left alone in the cottage. Now the story continues and connects with the lives of others.   Leo looked up as Jackie came into the office. He smiled “I hope you had a great stay … Continue reading

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White Oaks: – David and Jackie

This chapter has been re-written with a different ending; I’m re-posting it because then it leads to the next chapter… It was David and Jackie’s 24th wedding anniversary, and they had decided to celebrate it at White Oaks Cabins this … Continue reading

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A moment of consciousness

Feeling connected can happen anywhere, if we are in the right state of mind, and are willing to accept it. Most workday mornings around 7am will find me dropping my wife off at the office compound in which she works. … Continue reading

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Cabin 22 – Jill

Silver Oaks is a magical place… Jill shut the door of cabin 22 behind her, and squealed with excitement! At 14 she was grown up enough to have a cabin to herself, and not have to share with Mum and Dad … Continue reading

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Waifs and Strays

I’m in love with this chapter! Is it bad that I love my own work? Maybe, but this is one chapter that wrote itself as I went along, I had no idea what was going to happen until it did.   … Continue reading

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