Cabin 22/Silver (or White) Oaks

Some time ago I started writing “Cabin 22”, which I had conceived as a collection of stories of people staying in a cabin in the woods in rural Norfolk UK.

The more I wrote, however, the more backstory there seemed to be. For example, why was there a Scottish cleaner in this English resort? Why did the cafe keep open all year round, when, logically, it would be better to close in the winter months?

From experience, I know that just plowing on with something when I have these revelations is pointless, so here we are, with a  complete re-write before even the first draft was completed!

I’m happy with the new structure and the new formation. I LOVE the characters that are telling me about their lives, and I can’t wait to learn more about them. All of which means that the book is delayed, or, more honestly, that the book Derek thought was being written, isn’t.  Instead, we have the story of a community, its people, and of some of the visitors that pass through the place.

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The Light

Today I sat down at my desk on another cold MidWestern morning. The thermometer says 7F (minus 14C) and there is a bit of snow on the ground. I’m ready to start writing when I look out the window and see the sun shining on the branches of a tree which stands on the corner of my yard. There are so many intricate textures and so much detail brought into focus by the sun’s light.

Just a tree, in a standard suburban backyard, and a routine sunrise.


A beautiful tree in a very special place, with a wonderful promise for the new day.


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Scene (7)

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Scene (6)

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Scene (5)

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Scene (4)

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Scene (3)

Scene 3

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