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A moment of consciousness

Feeling connected can happen anywhere, if we are in the right state of mind, and are willing to accept it. Most workday mornings around 7am will find me dropping my wife off at the office compound in which she works. … Continue reading

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Sabrina Evans Scam

Today I received this email: From: Evans, Sabina <Sabina.Evans@sunnybrook.ca> Date: Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 1:38 AM Subject: PLS To: “Evans, Sabina” <Sabina.Evans@sunnybrook.ca> Pardon me for contacting you this way. I have a lucrative/confidential opportunity that might interest you, but … Continue reading

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You know the car behind is close when you can’t see it’s headlights.

Overall my experience of driving over here in the US is quite positive. I remember the first time I drove on American roads, when I was a visitor to Los Angeles, and picked up a hire car at LAX airport. … Continue reading

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“Comparing my insides to other people’s outsides.”

When we meet someone new, what do we see? Maybe a smiling face, a happy disposition, and a bright look in the eye. We therefore assume that they are self-assured and content, and, since we know ourselves to be insecure … Continue reading

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Cabin 22 – Part 2

Jill   Jill shut the door behind her, and squealed with excitement! At 14 she was grown up enough to have a cabin to herself, and not have to share with Mum and Dad anymore. Her brothers, Ben and Don, … Continue reading

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Being Tony, Chapter Two, Part 1

How will Tony cope out in the world? Chapter Tw0   Lynn News: “Holidaymakers and locals alike are being asked to be on the lookout for 15-year-old Anthony Platt, known as Tony, who went missing from his family home at … Continue reading

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Haiku 18

Life is hard they say / Yet life can be wonderful / Your choice, you decide 人生は、ハード彼らは言う/それでも人生は、あなたが決める素晴らしい/あなたの選択となります。

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