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Sabrina Evans Scam

Today I received this email: From: Evans, Sabina <Sabina.Evans@sunnybrook.ca> Date: Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 1:38 AM Subject: PLS To: “Evans, Sabina” <Sabina.Evans@sunnybrook.ca> Pardon me for contacting you this way. I have a lucrative/confidential opportunity that might interest you, but … Continue reading

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You know the car behind is close when you can’t see it’s headlights.

Overall my experience of driving over here in the US is quite positive. I remember the first time I drove on American roads, when I was a visitor to Los Angeles, and picked up a hire car at LAX airport. … Continue reading

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“Comparing my insides to other people’s outsides.”

When we meet someone new, what do we see? Maybe a smiling face, a happy disposition, and a bright look in the eye. We therefore assume that they are self-assured and content, and, since we know ourselves to be insecure … Continue reading

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Cabin 22 – Part 2

Jill   Jill shut the door behind her, and squealed with excitement! At 14 she was grown up enough to have a cabin to herself, and not have to share with Mum and Dad anymore. Her brothers, Ben and Don, … Continue reading

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Being Tony, Chapter Two, Part 1

How will Tony cope out in the world? Chapter Tw0   Lynn News: “Holidaymakers and locals alike are being asked to be on the lookout for 15-year-old Anthony Platt, known as Tony, who went missing from his family home at … Continue reading

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Haiku 18

Life is hard they say / Yet life can be wonderful / Your choice, you decide 人生は、ハード彼らは言う/それでも人生は、あなたが決める素晴らしい/あなたの選択となります。

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Haiku 16

Dancing is our right / Yet some decide not to dance / Scared to enjoy life ダンスは私たちの権利です/しかし、いくつかは、人生を楽しむためにおびえ/ダンスしないことを決定します

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